Incredible Pets Your Children Will Simply Adore

By :- Kate, On April 29, 2014 in ::-House



Children love animals and seem to have a connection with them that we, as adults, lose. To a child, a little pet can be a close friend that they can share secrets and play with. Owning a pet is good for a child’s development, as they learn a little responsibility in caring for it. The pet will often bring companionship and a sense of security to a child as they never feel alone.

The initial purchase of a pet can be very cheap, in fact, often they are given away by people we know, but when the pet gets injured or falls ill, the bills start to mount up. Visits to the vet cost a lot of money, and prescriptions need to be filled. Nowadays we can get a better deal on the medicines thanks to online prescription suppliers such as 365Vet and many others.

Are you thinking of getting a new pet for your little one? Here are some incredible pets that are tried and trusted over hundreds of years.


Kittens are delightful little balls of fluff that are truly a sight to behold. They are playful, though delicate, and a delight for young children. When buying a kitten, it is hard to tell if it going to grow into a friendly house pet or a lone hunter that doesn’t like to be touched. This can be influenced to a certain extent by lots of handling and kindness when it is young, but nature will have its way at the end of the day. Most cats turn out fine, and kindness is reciprocated. This is why cats are a good pet choice for kids.


With dogs, it is far easier to guess the temperament of the puppy when it grows, from the breed. This isn’t the sole factor, however, as the way it is treated will have a bearing on the way it turns out. There are certain breeds that are not suitable to be kept around children, however. Fighting and a vicious nature have been bred into them over hundreds of years. Yes, owners of these dogs will tell you how gentle they are, but they are kidding themselves. It just isn’t worth the risk. Puppies are a delight, and their playful nature often equals that of a child. The dog will develop its own personality and soon become a member of the family. They are great for encouraging exercise during long walks and are always happy to see the children.


If space is at a premium, hamsters are good pets that take up little room and are easily cared for. They come in many colours and with varied coats. The hamster will need a cage with a few toys, running wheels are favourite, a water bottle, feed dish, and plenty of bedding material. Line the bottom of the cage with sawdust to soak up any liquid. Hamsters only live for a few years, so heartbreak at its passing and delight over a new one will be emotions that become familiar to your child.

Those are the best pets for your children, in my opinion. I hope you decide on one for yourself. The positives by far outweigh any negatives of owning a pet.