Interior Decorating – Balancing Individual Styling with the Overall Theme

By :- Kate, On July 10, 2017 in ::-House

Well I won’t take the full blame for it (I mean you do tend to come under pressure from your parents to choose a “stable” career while still in school), but I really think I may have missed a trick in terms of my initial career choice of going into the financial industry (insurance). I think my true calling may perhaps have been in design, particularly interior design as was the slight indication when a very good friend of my mine who owns a string of guesthouses asked me to help her out with the interior design job of refreshing one of the bigger guest properties she operates.

The mandate

So the mandate was a very clear one which is simple only in concept, but makes for a different story altogether when it comes to the actual implementation. Needless to say though I think we did a great job of it based solely on the rave reviews the guest house’s rooms are getting from satisfied visitors, particularly those who’ve been lodging with my guesthouse-owner friend for a while now, having seen how it looked before and experiencing how it looks now.

So anyway, back to the mandate, which was to do up the interiors including each room with one overall theme that was to be visible throughout, but at the same time each room had to have its own, individual character and charm. Needless to say this can be very tricking because on first impressions one would think it impossible to do up each room to its own individual styling and then have that somehow blend in with an overall theme to be maintained. Challenge accepted!

How we did it

Drawing inspiration from a boutique hotel I once stayed in myself and marvelled at just how they managed to achieve this same mandate we now had with my friend’s guesthouse, I cast my mind back to some of the design features they used, although I must say that at the time I didn’t know exactly what to look for in those design features.

Achieving the perfect balance between personal style and an overall theme is a crucial aspect of interior decorating, especially when it comes to painting a home. This is where working with a firm that offers 3d interior visualizations of your ideas can be of immense help. This approach allows us to visualize how the final product can look, making our decision-making process much easier. Keep in mind that the choice of color palette sets the tone for the entire space, and finding that delicate equilibrium between expressing individuality and adhering to a cohesive theme requires thoughtful consideration. One effective approach I found is to start with a neutral base that complements the architectural elements of the home. This provides a versatile canvas to incorporate personal flair through accent walls or vibrant accessories.

Experimenting with different hues and shades allows you to infuse your unique personality into the space while ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with the intended overall theme. Additionally, I found that collaborating with professionals who specialize in interior painting Tsawwassen (or a similar company) can make the vision a lot easier to achieve.

So what I found to work really well in striking that balance between individual charm and character within a broader, overall design theme is that two major elements of each room need to be very similar in their base design, with subtle differences perhaps maintained in the detailing of those elements. For instance, say concrete elements (consult a professional on or a similar website for concrete services) need to be incorporated into a house for minimalist design. A designer can execute the theme by using the material in various structural features, such as concrete flooring, rugged concrete finish wall, or concrete artifact.

I will try to explain it from the aspect of structural elements. What I mean by this is if you take into account something like the flooring, it would have to be the same type of flooring in each of the rooms, but the detailing on that flooring would be different. So if you installed wood flooring for example, you would have that type of flooring throughout the entire house and in every room, with the difference in the detailing of that flooring attained in features such as the finish. Golden Hand Scraped Oak Wood gives off a markedly different appearance to Pearl Satin Lacquered Oak Wood for example, and so you’d perhaps do up two of your rooms similarly in this way, by way of them both bearing the oak wood theme, whereas the type of the oak wood used in each case gives each of these rooms its own individual character.

The remaining element is that of the decoration style, which should also maintain a similar feel, but have subtle differences in the detailing so that the overall theme is maintained and yet each room conveys its own individual charm within that theme.

As far as the other decorations go, you can go crazy with regards to the differences, like painting the walls up in totally different colours, etc.