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It’s no secret that it’s getting cold out there. And it’s no secret that pretty much everyone needs some sort of ‘winter wardrobe’ for when their Summer one just doesn’t quite make the cut. A staple of any winter wardrobe is knitwear – not only is it hugely comfortable, but it is thoroughly warming as well, and can keep you cosy during the long winter months.

Although knitwear used to be considered unfashionable, or the styles used were out of date or reserved for the elderly, it has seen a sudden rise in popularity. Not only that, but the designs of yesteryear, in all types of clothing, are making a remarkable comeback and proving the opinions of old wrong; especially as wrapping up is almost a necessity these days.

Fever, for example, provides affordable but massively fashionable knitwear in all ranges of styles, specialising in the vintage designs of the 40s, 50s and 60s. They provide not just a whole range of colours, but a whole range of clothing types as well – from cardigans to knit dresses.

Once you’ve settled your winter wardrobe, you might find yourself taking a particular liking to, say, the Nancy Bolero you just purchased, and want to know whether you can find the same sort of design in a different material or for a different occasion.

For special occasions, such as weddings or formal parties, a Chiffon Fez would suit perfectly, being of a similar style to the Nancy Bolero, but without the knitwear. Not only that, but it would match up fantastically to your favourite party frock, or maybe one that you would purchase alongside the Chiffon Fez. Similarly, if you took a fancy to the Texas Knit Dress when you were picking out your winter wardrobe, then you will find plenty of formal dresses in the same, vintage style; and dresses that go perfectly with your new Chiffon Fez.

Not only will having a winter wardrobe keep you warm this year, it can inspire you on purchases for other occasions as well, and give you ideas for when the time comes to plan your formal or summer wardrobes, perhaps even combining styles and colours that once originated from your cosy knitwear.

By Scott Clawson