How to maintain a healthy floor

By :- Kate, On September 13, 2017 in ::-House
Keeping your floor clean is probably the most difficult area of the house to maintain. Whether it be muddy football boots, pet hair, food, the list is endless. So, how can you keep your floor healthy and clean?
There are some basic tips and tricks to keep your floor clean. Data shows that even the busiest of offices have immaculate floors, but not everyone has the time to maintain their floors like professionals do, so here’s our time manageable tips.
The first is the most basic tool in your floor cleaning locker, the hoover. A simple once over weekly hoovering will ensure your floor stays nice and clean, if you have pets, a twice over may be necessary! Make sure you constantly change your hoover bag as they can fill up quickly! For oak wood flooring, your best bet would be a hoover and a quick mop just to ensure it’s squeaky clean! Using washing up liquid is a great way of ensuring this!
For carpets, a steamer or specialised stain remover are useful for removing any lingering stains that get left behind. Again, if the problem is pet stains or blotches that aren’t going away with a simple scrub, then consider hiring this carpet cleaning redhill service or a similar cleaning company near you to go to work on the whole thing. They generally have methods of removing stains so thoroughly that you won’t be able to tell it was ever there.
Victoria Solid Traditional Oak flooring, looking beautiful and clean.

Now for some tips from the professionals. The number one rule for stain removal, never rub them! Blotting will be your best friend. Rubbing the stain can spread it wider, whereas blotting will target the stain and remove it far easier without the risk of spreading. For sticky substances like chewing gum, leaving ice on the area will harden the gum making it far easier to remove. Final tip from the professionals, never use a wet mop on a waxed wooden flooring. Always check the finishing of your wood flooring. Unfinished, waxed and oiled wood floors are not watertight, so any excess liquid can stain the floor permanently. Use a damp cloth!

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