How to Make Your Home Family Friendly

By :- Kate, On April 26, 2017 in ::-Tips

Maybe you’ve been thinking about expanding your family, or you have a new family member on the way. With so many changes happening to you and your partner and all those adjustments you have to make, one of the last things you’re thinking about is home remodelling, except for the obvious ones like buying a cot, a changing unit and decorating the kid’s bedroom.

With all those diapers, toys, lack of sleep and a total chaos when the baby comes, a few little things that you might not be aware of right now can save you time and nerves (both so precious when the baby comes). For instance, childproofing the house can become an essential task to ensure your baby’s safety as they start to explore their environment. While it may not be on your immediate radar it can help create a secure and stress-free environment for both you and your little one.

Similarly, turning a spare room into a nursery for your baby can create a nurturing and comfortable space that makes those early days a bit more manageable. Choosing the right colour scheme, adding blackout curtains for a peaceful sleep environment, and incorporating practical storage solutions for all those baby essentials can significantly ease the transition into parenthood. You can look for remodeling contractors in Southern NJ or elsewhere to create an ideal environment for your child.

That said, keep in mind that the home transformations and adaptations don’t have to be time and energy consuming. Listed below are some practical and creative solutions on how to make your home more comfortable for your special newcomer and welcoming for guests of all ages.

Multifunctional spaces as toy storage

As you already know, the kid’s bedroom will not be the only room where your baby is going to play with toys, but have you been thinking about an extra storage in your living room, dining room or even a hallway? Multifunctional spaces like chairs, seat cushions, reachable shelves and tables where you can easily store toys, books, pull games and crayons are useful when it comes to tidying up without consuming too much space.

Washable and stain-friendly fabrics

Light coloured and beige furniture looks lovely and chic, but that touch of elegance and purity will vanish with the speed of light with your kid around. Choose dark colours like brown, striped or floral patterns and a woven fabric or microfiber, which is durable, comfortable and can be cleaned easily. When it comes to curtains, it would be best for them to be short and made of machine-washable material. Moreover, you might consider choosing a washable paint for your walls.

Practical and clean flooring

You should choose washable flooring like wood, tile, or laminate. You might even consider buying a carpet, not just for your kid’s bedroom but also for the living room. Natural fiber rugs can create a soft and cozy play area for your child while adding comfort and warmth to your home. It is equally important to keep the rugs clean to maintain a hygienic play space for your child. Rugs need periodic cleaning to remove accumulated dust and other particles, which can be a bit challenging with kids around. In such scenarios, you can contact an expert cleaner from a carpet cleaning minneapolis agency. A professional from these firms can ensure a thorough cleaning of your carpets, thus contributing to a clean and healthy environment for your family.

No sharp edges

Edges are something that every parent worries about. It is important to keep your child safe when the crawling starts and especially later with all that running around the house. Circular-shaped objects keep your kid from bumping into sharp edges, which is why round edges are the first thing to look for when buying a coffee table.

Kitchens are another area you might want to remodel with children around, as countertops, cabinet doors and drawers, etc could have sharp edges. If you are unsure of where to start, you could opt for a free consultation from kitchen remodeling companies, like Smithway Home Solutions or others in your area. The advice of an expert might help ease any doubts, and turn your kitchen into a kid-friendly zone.

Open space as a bonus

When we say kitchen, we’re not only talking about food preparation, but the place for relaxation and socialisation. And as your kid gets older, it’s a great place for you two to spend some quality time by getting your hands dirty, literally. Cooking together is fun, creative and educational.

With some kitchen remodelling you can make an open-space kitchen, favourably connected with the living room, so as to make a place that brings everyone together, perfect for your friend and family get-togethers or your cousins visiting.

Also, it would be good for you to have a few extra portable chairs with flexible seating which you can move around. Keep that in mind for family gatherings or kids’ birthdays.