Numerals and Door Accessories – What The Best Dressed Houses Are Wearing This Season

By :- Kate, On September 12, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

Redecorating any area of the house requires careful consideration. Whether it’s something for curb appeal like an Ideal Rooster Weathervane on the roof, or something for your own pleasure like the house name or number plaque. Interestingly, one particular feature – the front door – doesn’t always get the attention that it deserves, especially considering it’s the first thing that anyone visiting your home will see! That’s why we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the most intriguing front door accessories to appear in 2013, as well as some of the most popular overall design aesthetics being used. Whether they’re UPVC doors or good old English oak, there’s something to suit everyone!

Floral displays. This has become a more and more popular embellishment throughout the year, especially within homes based around a more continental design. The hanging of a gorgeous wicker flower basket looks great during those summer months, adding a real sense of warmth and sunshine. This is especially the case on front doors painted in vibrant primary colours (which we’ll come to in a minute).

Wreaths. Obviously, we’re not referring to funereal wreaths here! However, a wreath of bright flowers can add a real sense of warmth to doors built from traditional timbers such as oak or mahogany. Using a grouping of a smaller summer bloom such as honeysuckle can give a traditional door a bit more friendliness, and make the home seem more welcoming.

Bronze Hardware. Whilst the vibe it presents is definitely ‘old fashioned’, there’s something undoubtedly stylish about bronze hardware, especially if it’s used as a handle for the main front door. Like almost all traditional design characteristics, it just looks classy and will give your door area a real sense of elegance.

Accessibility Door Accessories. Enhancing residential accessibility involves incorporating various door accessories to ensure convenience for individuals with mobility challenges. Widening doorways, installing lever-style handles, and incorporating ramps facilitate easy entry. Likewise, automatic door openers can offer seamless accessibility (Your guide to automatic door openers can be found on the Web), while smart home technology, including voice-activated systems, empowers users with control. Threshold ramps and grab bars provide additional support, promoting safety. For those with visual impairments, tactile or audible signals can be added. These accessibility accessories transform residential spaces, fostering inclusivity and independence for individuals with diverse needs, allowing them to navigate their homes with comfort and ease.

Bright UPVC. We semi-mentioned this before, but this year has seen an increase in the number of front doors being set in a bright, primary colour. This blast of colour really helps to set the doors apart from the stream of identikit copies that you see elsewhere, and there’s also the added bonus that the material used is seriously low maintenance, requiring virtually no extra upkeep! You can speak about this option with a residential door installation service, which can help you pick out the best one that suits your home and your colour aesthetic.

Contemporary ‘puzzle’ like designs within glass. Whilst glass front doors have been used for years to present a stylish contemporary edge to any front door, this year solid plates of glass aren’t as popular. Instead, many designers have been using thin steel lines to create a set of patterns behind the door, providing a stylish variation on the classic design. A good way to describe this if you’ve not seen it before is to imagine a pattern somewhat similar to Tetris, but obviously one that looks far classier than that! If you wanted glass exterior doors but didn’t want to go with full panes, this technique can be really effective.

Black Hardware. Another popular trend within hardware this year is the use of stark black hardware. This can combine really well with a room that otherwise relies on whites and creams. Essentially, it offers the age old appeal that comes from combining the contrast between dark and light, and can present a striking impression. As well as door handles, black has also been used for hinges – a feature that can look really eye-catching, especially from the inside with the hinges visible.