How to Use Rugs When Decorating – ....

By :- Kate, On July 15, 2019 in ::-House, Tips
When you first arrive home after having a new baby, practical considerations (at least ones that don’t involve nappies and night feeds) are probably far from your mind. However, pretty soon these practical things will start to become real. Below we discuss how to choose a rug for your kid's bedroom, and give you some tips. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Essential Tips on How to Lessen Your Chi....

By :- Kate, On June 27, 2019 in ::-Parenting, Tips
Many parents are at fault for allowing their children to spend long hours in front of the television, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Kids are now addicted to mobile games and the internet, watching videos to keep from getting bored. This kind of lifestyle comes with many disadvantages: laziness, feebleness and being prone to tantrums. If you have kids that are going through screen addiction, th.... {{ Continue Reading }}

4 Tips for Decorating On a Budget

By :- Kate, On February 27, 2019 in ::-House
Whether you're moving into your new home during the summer months or during a winter snowstorm, you're probably working with a budget that makes stocking the home and decorating it a difficult thing to accomplish. Luckily, there are tips to make these things easier to do and you might even have some money left over when you're done. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Here come the Tiger Tech Moms

By :- Kate, On January 18, 2019 in ::-Featured
Is your toddler coding yet? Booked into tech camp? Fluent in Java? You need to get with the program. Will Pavia meets Liz Bacelar, one of a new breed of (very) competitive mothers determined to raise the Mark Zuckerbergs of the future. How do we make sure our children do not study a humanities subject at university? That is the question for the modern parent. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Is this the cleverest boy in the world?

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Erik Finman felt school was holding him back. So he dropped out. At 15, he worked in Silicon Valley. Now 17, he’s been hired in London – and touted as the future of the internet. William Leith meets the superteen The entrepreneur Erik Finman is telling me about money. “There’s US dollars, and UK pounds, and euros, and they’re backed by the government,” he says. “But the governme.... {{ Continue Reading }}

6 RC Vehicles That Are Flying Off the Sh....

By :- Kate, On January 10, 2019 in ::-Tips
RC vehicles have always been popular and this holiday season, some flew off the shelves more than others. Even with the holidays over, it is not too late to get one of the most popular remote-control cars. Some are designed for racing, some for honing your skills, and others just for cruising. The common factor is that all of the following RC vehicles are fun for all ages, high-quality, and reason.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Spoil Those You Love with Holiday Gift B....

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Every other time we are faced by the dilemma of what gift to buy someone, especially that one person that we consider a loved one. No one wants to get the same gift over and over again, even if that particular gift was perfect.  As such, each gifting season is a chance to outdo ourselves and get even more creative.  For some people, gifting comes almost naturally, yet for some of us, it is quite.... {{ Continue Reading }}