Parenting Children With a Disability – A Dads View

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Parenting has its own rewards, but parenting a child with a disability is something that just cannot be described. It has its own unique hardships, and its own special moments. At times it can feel overwhelming, but with high-quality respite care (you may want to visit if you’re looking for care services), it’s possible for both parent and child to live a rewarding life. There are several dads’ blogs that are becoming popular that cover the topic really well. Dads are getting online to discuss what it is like to have a child with a disability in the home.

Anyone who has a child that demands special attention needs to be reading some blogs or perhaps even reaching out to a goal coach ndis specialized experts. Probably, they can guide you on how to proceed further. For example, a parent with an autistic child would always be on the lookout for some kind of hope for their child. Yes, it is understandable that they have accepted the situation. But, it does not mean that they will stop looking for some kind of solution. So, perhaps when they come across fmt autism treatment through blogs or other informative sources, for instance, they may want to pursue that option for their child. Also, through blogs, it is always nice to know that we are not alone in our struggle to give our children a normal life and while some of the posts in the blogs can be heart-breaking, there are many more that are uplifting, informative, and fun. is one such blog. It follows the lives of the Verling family whose son has epilepsy. It is an open and honest account of what life is like, and the latest post discusses the cycle of seizures and the hardship of waiting for a seizure that according to the cycle is due any day. For parents that haven’t experienced this it can be a hard one to understand, but for those that have it can be a very emotional piece. is another interesting read. As the name of the blog suggests, the family have a child with autism, and it follows their struggles in a very emotional way. It discusses the need for respite, but also has very humorous posts including the one entitled, The M Card. This is perhaps one that any parent can relate to. is not a blog centred on a child with disability, it is however the perfect blog for first time dads regardless of their child’s needs. It is discusses going for scans, much needed equipment for babies including the perfect changing bag, suitable for men, and the odd sponsored post advertising gifts for the new arrival. is just great. Although it is a fairly new blog it is ideal for families of all ages and needs. Children with special needs shouldn’t have to miss out on camping trips or activities with dad like fishing, and this blog encourages family time in the great outdoors.

Families with children who has special needs are always trying to find ways to make their child’s life as normal as possible. With today’s technological advance equipment like motorised wheelchairs can really help to take the pressure off a day out with the kids.

Children do not need to miss out on family holidays just because they may require a little extra help to do certain things and in my case I am lucky enough that my child is now old enough to do certain things for himself. By making his life as normal as possible it has helped him to become an independent little man. I do have to watch when out and about that he doesn’t disappear in his wheel chair though, he has a habit of following something that has caught his eye, regardless of which way his parents are heading. It is true what they say about parents needing eyes in the back of their heads.