Pint-Sized Perfection: Creating a Montessori-Style Bedroom for Your Busy Toddler

By :- Kate, On September 1, 2015 in ::-Children, Parenting

Maria Montessori, creator of the Montessori education method, believed that every child should have a room set up in a way that they could reach everything themselves and be able to learn by doing. What an amazing woman, don’t you think?

While it might seem like a complicated makeover for a kid’s room, it’s not. Here’s how to make it happen.


Kids don’t really like clutter. They just teach that to children and the children believe it’s normal. So, if you want to keep a clean house, and a clean toddler’s room, declutter it and organize. Your child will love it. You will love it. Everyone will love it.

Use an organizer with built-in shelving to house all of the toys and stuffed animals your child has. Alternatively, have a separate play room for the child.


Paint the Space For the Child

Choose a simple color scheme for your child. You could opt for a simple calming color or a calming color on three walls with an accent wall done in vibrant color. For safety and to ensure that the job is done well, consider hiring from handyman services in Bonita Springs or in your area. Since the room is for your child, you don’t want random spots of paint stain or chipped paint within reach of them.

If you plan to turn this into a sleep/playroom, a dual color scheme might make sense to you, but it might actually confuse your child. He will associate it with both activities and may want to play when it’s time to sleep and sleep when it’s time to play. Mostly, you might have trouble with naps and bedtime though.

’86 the Crib and Get a Bed

Babies sleep in cribs. “Big boys” or “big girls” sleep in beds. Beds are a sort of rite of passage for a toddler. It’s like they are gaining more freedom and independence. They’re not sleeping in little cages anymore.

Go here for some ideas on the types of toddler beds that are suitable for young toddlers. And, don’t be afraid of using really simple bed solutions, even if it means a mattress on the floor.


Keep Everything at Toddler Level

Part of creating a room that’s fit for a toddler is having things at toddler level so that he or she can reach stuff. This gives the child a greater sense of independence and control. It helps build confidence too. Plus, and you’re going to love this, your child will be able to get at things that he or she is allowed to have anyway without having to come tug on your shirt and whine at you while you’re trying to paint your nails, read a book, or relax after a hard day at work.

Have a Diaper Station

Changing diapers is tough. You have to wrestle the kid onto the table, make sure he stays up there, avoid being hit with pee, get the new diaper on, then figure out what to do with the dirty one.

That’s why a simple diaper station on the floor (especially if it’s a hard wood floor) works best. A designated area for diaper changing will create habits and routine that your child will become accustomed to. And, it will put diapers on his level, involving him in the process.

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