Be Prepared For Going Back to School with Teachit’s Resources

By :- Kate, On September 13, 2016 in ::-Tips

It’s your first week back and a New Year means a new class, but you’ve got the hang of this now haven’t you? Or maybe not- as every primary school teacher knows, however many new classes you’ve taught it always takes some time to find your feet. Getting the right resources is a great way to get a head start on the new school year, and we’ve teamed up with Teachit to bring you 3 tips for getting settled in with your new class:

Get to know your class with games:

Games are a great way to familiarise yourself with your new charges, and to help them get to know each other as well. Check out the list of five games to get to know your class on the Teachit Primary site for inspiration. Games with bigger groups as opposed to smaller pairs are ideal for the first week to avoid squabbles over friends and to minimise the effect of uneven class sizes. Remember to get the children to swap into different groups so that they all get to meet each other, and choose a range of interactive games so that everyone gets a turn.

Always have a backup plan:

The first week back can involve unpredicted or last minute changes to your schedule, so it is always good to have a few ideas up your sleeve in case you need an additional lesson plan or activity. Whether you get 5 minutes into a lesson and realise your carefully crafted plan is just not going to work, or you simply need a 10 minute activity to fill the time until lunch, having a backup plan can be a life-saver in unexpected situations. The Teachit primary site offers hundreds of resources, divided by individual topic as well as subject so that you can browse through relevant activities, games, and lesson starters for loads of great ideas.

Stock your classroom with resources:

Prepping your classroom for the New Year is sadly not as simple as sharpening all the pencils and discarding all the dried up glue sticks. If you are struggling to get back into the swing of things with lesson plans, check out the range of teaching packs available from Teachit to help you out. Once you have a plan in place, make sure that you have worksheets printed and prepared ahead of time (not forgetting a few spare copies for inevitable mishaps!), to help save your sanity in those hectic first few weeks.