Questions to ask your Calgary roofer

By :- Kate, On July 12, 2015 in ::-House

Before you hire roofers in Calgary residents, there are several questions you should be asking.  Below is a list of those questions as well as the answers you should be listening for and why.

Question: Are you licensed?

Best answer:  Yes!  Research the licensing requirements in your area and be sure that any roofer you hire meets them.  Be sure their licenses are also up to date.


Question:  Are you insured?

Best answer:  Yes!  Never hire a roofer who is not insured.  If they aren’t and one of the workers gets injured on your property, you could be liable and end up having to pay for their medical bills and more.  Protect yourself by ensuring that anyone who works on your property has the proper insurance.  This should include both worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

Question:  Will you be removing my old roof?

Best Answer:  Yes.  Some roofers cut corners, saving time and money by shingling over an older roof instead of removing it first.  This can be problematic because without removing the old shingles it is impossible to determine the state of the structure underneath the shingles.  Placing a new roof over an old roof can lead to serious problems down the road.  Always be sure the roofer will remove the old roof. Many thanks for stopping by. Just before we carry on I wanted to say thanks to for their continued assistance and the support of their regional community. Having a support team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our consumer blog.

Question:  Do you bring your own trash container?

Best Answer:  Yes.  Replacing a roof creates a lot of trash and you’ll want to be sure you are hiring a company that has a plan to take the garbage away when they leave.  Typically this involves bringing a container (dumpster) with them into which they will toss the roofing materials as they go, removing the container when they leave.  You should never be required to provide this container yourself or to otherwise deal with the garbage after the roofer leaves.


Question:  What is your backup plan in case of bad weather?

Best Answer:  Cover the roof in tarp or plastic and reschedule the job for another day soon after. Always be sure that your roofer as a contingency plan to cover your roof in the event of rain or snow to keep everything dry.

Question:  What warranty do you offer?

Best Answer:  No less than 25 years.  It’s fairly standard for roofers to offer at least a 25-year warranty on their products.  If they offer anything less, move on.

Question:  Will there be a project manager onsite at all times?

Best Answer:  Yes.  You want to ensure that there is someone in charge onsite in case you have questions or issues that need to be addressed by someone in the know.  Any roofing company worth their salt will ensure that a project manager is on the job site at all times.  If you find that the crew arrives at your house and no one can tell you who the PM is, send the crew away.  Call the company and insist that they send out the project manager before any work begin for the day.

Question:  Do you provide written estimates?

Best Answer:  Yes.  Never hire a roofer without receiving a written estimate.  Before you sign the contract, ensure you receive a detailed written estimate that outlines exactly what you are paying for.  If something is unclear, ask questions and ensure that the estimate is revised so that there is no ambiguity.