Real Work-at-Home Jobs for Mums

By :- Kate, On November 3, 2016 in ::-Tech

For those mums who’ve decided that it’s a bit too much of a balancing act raising kids while maintaining a full-time career, going the full nine yards and becoming a stay-at-home mum opens you up to a whole new world of dynamics you may not have anticipated. Although going on to ultimately sacrifice their career, most women who are truly independent at heart find it hard to have to rely on their other-half for financial support, even if the roles have been earnestly defined and the arrangement is nothing but a truly sincere one.

As the kids grow however, the demands set upon you tend to ease up a bit. What was an infant which required all of your attention all around the clock develops a bit of independence and at the best of times there are some moments when you can relax a bit. This is when that financial independence setting gets re-invoked, compelling you to perhaps want to find some ways of making your own money and contributing to the household in that way, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean going back to a full-time career.

You’ve probably heard numerous times of some work-at-home jobs mums can complete to fill just those needs of getting back a little bit of financial independence and perhaps even the natural need for some challenging stimulation beyond the already challenging job of raising kids. In truth, these work-at-home jobs are rather limited by way of options. That is if we’re talking about real work-at-home jobs, but by no means are they limited by way of the possibilities within each of those options.

Blogging Base

Yes, this is where you should start because it makes for a nice base from which to build on. It doesn’t take all that much to get your blog erected and you can in fact even get your very own blog up-and-running for no cost at all — well apart from what you’re already paying for your internet connection. The likes of Alphabet’s (Google) have free blogging platforms which you could perhaps take a step further by maybe buying your particular blog a premium tailored domain name.

Radiating from the blog base, there are so many opportunities to be pursued as a work-at-home mum, from writing (not just for your own blog, but perhaps guest blogging), vlogging (video blogging) and even something like photography.

Raising kids presents you with more than enough content to write about and offers ample opportunity for some parenting photographs which you could sell online and get good money each time each of those photographs is downloaded.

With every aspect of working at home you explore though, you’ll have to ensure you have a little bit of a competitive advantage so that you can stand out and actually make some good money. To go back to the paid stock photography example, if you take the time to learn about composition for instance, you’ll snap much more professional photos, even if you’re using your smartphone, and therefore sell more than the average work-at-home photographer mum.