Shake it Away: 5 of the Best Vibration Plates to Add to Your Exercise Regimen

By :- Kate, On December 11, 2017 in ::-Fitness

Vibration plates are a fun, easy way to add some variety to your exercise regimen. Whole-body vibration is a passive form of exercise but advocates say it can still help you to lose weight, improve core strength and boost circulation. Vibration machines are also suggested for people who can’t do traditional forms of exercise. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, here are five which users are raving about.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine 

This machine is targeted at women and it is said to be one of the best vibration plates for weight loss.

It promises a full-body workout which helps you to drop weight and tone muscles with just 15 minutes of use each day. This vibration platform features arm rails and tension cords and you can do upper body exercises like butterflies and arm raises.

This machine also makes the cut because it has a sturdy base and slim style. This means it will stay steady while in use and it can fit into small spaces. It also has a screen which shows you how many calories you have burned and how long it has been in use.

Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with MP3 Player

This machine is said to be proven to help “burn body fat, improve flexibility, relieve chronic pains, and promote muscle strength and blood circulation”. It has an integrated MP3 player which allows you to listen to your favorite jams while working out. It also has ten preset programs and 180 speed adjustments which make it easy to tailor your workout to your specific needs.

This Pinty machine comes with detachable resistance strap for upper body workouts. The LCD monitor displays a range of information including speed, pulse and body mass index. The metal frame can accommodate weight up to 330 pounds and it has wheels for easy movement. 

NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform, Whole Full Body Shape Exercise Machine

The platform is said to be a high-quality oscillating unit with excellent grip. It has extensive foot space and a capacity of 330 pounds but it still manages to be thin, light and easy to move around. It also comes in varied colors so if it’s important for your equipment to match your existing décor, this may be the machine for you. The NexHT machine provides 99 speed ranges and comes with yoga straps.

Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

This vibration machine is suitable for both beginners and experienced users thanks to its range of speeds and adjustable functions. You can use the low speeds for a gentle workout while the higher speeds produce greater muscle contractions and more significant results.

The Merax machine has yoga straps, speakers with MP3, USB and iPod capability as well as overload protection and static electricity resistance. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual.

Gadget Vibration Plate

This is another highly recommended vibration plate and it is ideal for those on a budget.

It is designed for anyone under 265 pounds and is touted as the best choice for those looking to reduce cellulite and stress and boost their overall health.

It has a plate that is smaller than most models but it also has 50 speed setting and a data display. It has three built-in workout programs and is said to deliver results in a short time frame.

There are many vibration plates on the market and narrowing down the selection can be hard. This list should help your search easier so you can simply focus on getting into shape.