Six Ways To Earn Extra Money For A Rainy Day Fund

By :- Kate, On November 21, 2017 in ::-Money

Many worry about having money put aside for a rainy day. Whether it is just in case you fancy treating yourself one day or in case of emergency, it’s always good to have an extra stash of cash. It can be hard to put aside a pot of money for emergencies or rainy days when most of your income is already accounted for. Fortunately, there are ways of making money in addition to your main income. Here are six ideas for side incomes:

  1. Become A Photographer

If you’re interested in photography, there can be a lot of ways to make extra cash with a camera. The best thing about about making money from your photography is that you can fit it around any job that you already do. If you’re a fan of nature photography, or subject photography, you can sell your images online as stock photos. If you want to take it a step further and if you think you’re good enough, you could become a wedding photographer. People pay good money to have everlasting memories of their big day. With a basic set up and a small investment, you can even create a photography studio in your home and have people come over with their kids for family photo shoots.

  1. Write An E-Book

We live in a world where reaching large audiences is easier than ever before. Many people have successfully sold e-books online and made good money from it. Selling an E-book is passive income at its finest, once you’ve written it. If you’re a good writer and have knowledge that may be valuable to a certain niche, then consider writing an e-book. Once you have initially taken the time to write the book and uploaded it to some self publishing sites, all you need to do is wait for the paycheques. If you don’t have expertise in a particular niche but you love writing, try writing a fiction book. Fiction e-books generally don’t generate as much money as non-fiction e-books, but some fiction writers do hit the big bucks.

  1. Become A Coach Or Personal Trainer 

If you have a strong interest in fitness and are in reasonable shape, consider helping others to reach their fitness goals. If you currently play a particular sport or are on a team of some kind, the chances are you will have some good tips to pass on to beginners. Some people will pay good sums of money to be taught a new skill, or have someone help them lose weight or build muscle. You should be aware though that you may want to brush up on the science side of fitness if you do consider becoming a personal trainer. Many personal trainers now have qualifications in sports science, but not all of them do.

  1. Start Trading On The Forex Market

Some people can make a good income by forex trading online. Sites like CMC Markets allow everyday people to invest in predictions based on the forex market. Although this can be a risky way to make money, it can be fairly lucrative if you read up and keep an eye on the markets. You should be aware however, that profits are not guaranteed when trading. Therefore, you should only trade with funds that you can afford to lose.

  1. Start A Drop Shipping Site

Drop shipping can be a great way to make money if it’s done right. Although generally the profit margin as a seller is fairly low, if you can generate enough traffic to your online store, it can provide a good side income. Drop shipping allows you to sell products from certain manufacturers without having to actually invest in them, store them, and ship them to customers. You are essentially a seller of goods that you will never see, your job is to sell the products. The best way to do this is to create an online store, once orders come in, you send them to the drop shippers and they will send the products to the customers. 

  1. Sell Your Possessions

If you are not interested in generating a passive regular income, then have a clear out of your old stuff. There are many websites out there that allow you to sell almost everything you can think of for a small fee.