Step By Step Guide To Preparing Your Home For A Guest!

By :- Kate, On July 1, 2015 in ::-House

The summer is here, and that means it’s holiday season – yay! It’s not just holiday season for you though; it’s holiday season for everyone. Which means you’re going to have to brace yourself for the hordes of relatives who’ve come to visit you this summer. Now, we all love family visits; they’re a lot of fun, and we enjoy them. But, they can be a tiny bit stressful, particularly in the week leading up to the visit. Ah yes, the panicky week before, where you’re running about the house trying to get things in order. Yeah, that can definitely be stressful!! So, I think it’s only fair that I help you all deal with some of that stress. Without further ado, here’s a guide to help you get your home ready for a house guest:

Get The Sleeping Arrangements Ready

If you have a spare room in your house, then it’s time to get that thing ready for use. Pack away any random stuff you have in there lying around, and make the room presentable. Check the bed to make sure it’s still useable and hasn’t been broken by one of your kids using it as a trampoline. If, like me, you have a sofa bed in your spare room, then it’s time you got that unfolded and ready for sleeping. If the room has an air-conditioning system, make sure it’s in good shape and functions well to provide fresh air to the guest. If the AC has been unused for a while and you feel like it may need a tune-up, reach out to professional service providers such as Castle Home Comfort Heating & Cooling. If you want to know more about AC maintenance, click here to continue.

Now, not everyone has a spare room in their house, so where do you fit your guests? You can let your guest take one of the kid’s bedrooms and move them down onto the sofa. Or, you can get inflatable beds, or fold out beds, that you can put in the living room for them to sleep on. Hell, if they’re not fussy they may even sleep on your couch! Whatever you do, just make sure you get their sleeping arrangements ready before they arrive. Many thanks for stopping by. Before we carry on I want to to thank for their continued assistance and the support of their local community. Having a company and team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our own unique blog.

Do A Little Spring Cleaning

It’s time to get that vacuum cleaner and duster out, and clean up the house. You have a guest coming round, so you want the house to look like a palace. Ask everyone to tidy their rooms, so you aren’t burdened with that task too. Then, get to cleaning every room in your house and make it neat and tidy for your guests.


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Go On A Big Shopping Adventure

With an extra guest in the home that means you’re going to need more of everything you normally buy. You’ll have to stack the fridge ready for your guests arrival and make sure you have enough stuff in the cupboards to keep them satisfied. You should plan out the meals you’re going to make while they’re here too. This way you’ll know exactly what to buy and how much of it you should get. Also, you should stock up on any toiletries or tissues, so you don’t run out of any while your guest is staying.

Having a house guest can make you feel like you’re running a hotel! But I promise you, if you follow this guide, then things will be a lot easier, and you’ll be less stressed.