Streamline your morning routine

By :- Kate, On June 4, 2014 in ::-Fitness

Mornings are difficult for most people, especially for families with small children. Getting the kids ready for school can be hectic, resulting in meltdowns, tantrums and increased stress. Even the most organised of parents sometimes encounter challenges that can turn promising mornings into chaotic affairs. Thankfully, busy parents are able to get their families off to a smoother start each morning by simply changing one or two aspects of their schedule.

Make use of the night before

In order to make mornings less hectic, parents should learn to take advantage of the time available at night. This is the best time to get some time-consuming tasks out of the way. Clothes should be selected, ironed and laid out, homework should be accounted for, school documents signed and backpacks loaded ready for the next day. Where possible, lunches should also be prepared.

Making use of the previous evening eases some of the pressure from the morning rush. Parents should aim to leave only the most essential and unavoidable tasks for the morning.

Put everything in its place

Clothing strewn across a bedroom, bathroom supplies piled in different cabinets and breakfast items spread over multiple counters and drawers in the kitchen. This is the perfect scenario for morning chaos, as everyone rushes around trying to locate specific items.

To solve this problem parents need to reorganise their homes to meet their needs. All items that are used in the typical morning routine should be stored in convenient locations within easy reach. Baskets, containers, storage boxes and hooks are ideal for this purpose

Prepare a simple breakfast

Another way to streamline the morning routine is by preparing a simple breakfast. Elaborate meals should be relegated to the weekend. Cereal, yoghurt and fruit can all be prepared in a short time and are excellent breakfast ingredients. For more efficiency, parents should plan a breakfast menu to avoid indecision in the morning. The menu should feature simple healthy options with a different item assigned for each day of the week.

Adults often make do with a strong cup of coffee to fuel them through the day, which is where a good Tassimo coffee machine comes in handy. This is a great way of conveniently preparing the perfect cup at the push of a button.

Work from a list

Parents who regularly forget important items during the morning rush would do well to prepare a list ahead of time. A to-do-list can save families from the hassle of running around trying to complete last minute tasks. The list should be drawn up well ahead of time and be posted or hung up in a prominent place for all in the home to see. Children should be encouraged to keep to the schedule as much as possible.

Adjust the time 

It is important for parents to have a good idea of how much time they require to get ready in the morning. Those who regularly run short of time should make necessary adjustments, perhaps by going to bed or waking up earlier than usual. Any unnecessary jobs that eat into the morning routine should be eliminated.

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