Tasks I’ll Be Doing During My Spring Clean

By :- Kate, On April 1, 2015 in ::-Money

I’m not going to lie; I enjoy doing the spring clean and clear out. We accumulate so much stuff over the year, a lot of which we don’t really need or want. I feel a lot more free and light once these items have been removed.

I also love to turn up the music, roll up my sleeves and tackle those annual chores like cleaning and reorganising the storage cupboard. I know a lot of people dread doing these tasks. However, if you put on your favorite tunes, do these chores with your family, and treat yourself once you’ve completed them, it is possible to make them enjoyable. And just remember, you’ll feel much happier and satisfied once they are all done.


Image: Todd Baker

So, let’s get down to business. Here are the items that I have on my spring clean chore list for 2015:

  • Deal with the flies!

I have noticed a lot of flies in the house recently, so I am going to contact a pest control service like pest.24hourly.com and ask them to take a closer look at the problem. This time of year does mean an increased risk of pests in your home and garden. When you are spring cleaning, my advice is to try and remember to close windows and doors when you are not using them.

  • Getting under the furniture

Do you dare look behind the chest of drawers and under the sofa? When I’m doing the weekly clean, I do stick the vacuum under the sofas, but there is only so much that this can do. So, I will be doing the brave thing and moving furniture so that I can do a more thorough job. If you are doing this task too, I’m going to get all health and safety on you and remind you to look after your back. If possible, ask someone to help you when moving heavy furniture.


Image: aimee rivers

  • Inside and out

I shall be cleaning the inside and outside of all the drawers and cupboards in my home. This can seem like a mammoth task, but if you take your time and tackle one area at a time it will become more manageable. If you want to speed things up, I would recommend using your vacuum cleaner nozzle or a handheld vacuum to clean away dust and crumbs from inside cupboards and drawers. I predict I’ll have a lot of things to purge. So, I’ll be creating three bags; recycling, charity and rubbish.

  • Skirting boards and ceilings

This can be a demanding task as it involved a lot of bending and stretching. Although if you are equipped with the right tools, it won’t be that terrible. A feather duster with an extendable handle is a worthwhile purchase for those ceiling edges. Don’t forget to remove any dust that drifts down to the floor as part of this job. And I will be using a vacuum nozzle and mop to avoid bending down to clean the skirting boards.

Now that I have written down my list of spring cleaning tasks, I’m ready to get started. I hope you all have a successful spring clean and feel all the better for doing it!