The Different Types of Patio Doors

By :- Kate, On September 10, 2018 in ::-House

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio doors, you’re probably wondering what different types there are out there. Find out all the essential info on the different types in this post.

Every once in a while, it becomes apparent that our homes need an upgrade. Whether it’s simply not changed since you moved in or things are looking a little worse for wear, to keep our homes looking good, we need to invest in some minor improvements. One thing that is wonderful for the British summer is having beautiful and functional doors leading to your patio. But with so many types to choose from, which one is right for you and your home?

We’ve spoken to Rayleigh Glass, experts in fitting windows, doors and double glazing in Essex, about the different kinds of doors you can have for your patio. In this post, we’ll be going through the different types there are, the pros and cons of them and whether or not they’d be suitable for your home and lifestyle. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with patio doors, then look no further. All the essential information you need, is right here.

Types of Patio Doors

  1. Bifold Doors

The first kind of patio doors we’ll be looking into are bifold doors. Yes, these doors are very stylish and a great addition to give a modern look and feel to your home. Whilst they’re a fairly new product in the UK, it hasn’t affected how in demand they are. Bifold doors are becoming an increasingly popular option for patios and homes across Britain. The functionality behind them is that they operate by having window/door panels that fold, as opposed to slide or open outwards/inwards. This means that you can either open one, two, three or all of them (depending how many panels you have).

Great for when you only need to access the garden in winter and don’t want all the patio doors to open, or want fresh air to come into your home in summer. Bifold doors are great for bringing the outside in, keeping your home looking stylish at the same time. The functionality means that your doors are convenient for your home and lifestyle. Bifold doors come in a range of different materials, from coated wood to aluminium and uPVC too – so, you can find a material to match the aesthetic of your home. Similar to Milwaukee Patio Door Installation services, there are firms in the UK that can help you design your bifold patio doors. All you need to ensure is to do a bit of research before deciding on one company.

  1. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors do what they say on the tin… They’re excellent options for those that prefer the sliding feature to the folding one. The great thing about sliding doors is that they can be made to measure the space you have available, and of course are fitted with double glazing as standard. They look stylish and allow easy access to the garden through a wide area. Whilst they don’t open up the home to the outside as much as bifold doors, the sliding feature is a handy addition and makes it easier to access your patio (whilst bifold doors aren’t overly complicated, the sliding feature is simpler in comparison). No matter the space you have available, sliding doors will be made to measure, and look stylish in any home, whether they are sliding metal doors or glass, perhaps. Again, they come in a range of materials like metal and uPVC.

  1. French Doors

For smaller homes, with less patio and inside space available, energy efficient french doors could be a great addition. Normally they consist of two doors, that open from the centre. There’s no frame bar running down the middle of these doors, so access is not obstructed. It gives you a larger space to access your patio, as opposed to single-door access. French doors come in a variety of different finishes and colours, such as wood and uPVC finish too – as well as colours that emulate the look of a metal finish. They’re secure, like bifold and sliding doors, and can be fitted to either open outwards or inwards (depending on the space you have available).

Pros & Cons

If you’ve got a larger space available, sliding and patio doors may be ideal for you. They’re usually bigger and need more space to work with. So, smaller homes may find they’ll benefit from French doors. However, for French doors you’ll have to sacrifice either inside or outside space, as they need room to open and swing. You need to ensure they’re secured too, otherwise the wind can blow them shut.

Whilst sliding doors allow more open space to the outside than French doors, the full space is not open. As the doors have to slide over panels. However, you don’t have to sacrifice space for opening doors, as they slide. You can also control the size of the opening more effectively than French doors.

Finally, bifold doors will give you the widest opening. However, your view can be obstructed when the doors are closed (due to the frames in each panel). Sliding doors allow the view to be less obstructed when closed. Also, you’ll need some space either side of the doors as when fully opened they stack at a 90o angle.

When it comes to installing any kind of patio door in your home, always consult the experts. Whilst you may have a preference on style, the reality is that not all the doors work for every kind of home. The pros will be able to tell you whether or not the door will work for your space. And most will offer a free consolation as part of their service.