Things to Do in Wales – With or Without the Kids!

By :- Kate, On September 28, 2017 in ::-Tips

Are you planning a holiday in Wales or retreat and wondering what to do once you get there?

Wales offers you a chance of great adventure and you could never run out of fun and involving activities to indulge in once you land here. Wales has been one of the leading tourist attraction centres in the UK and tourists find it a favourite place to visit especially during summer.

You should never be worried about what to do, actually, what you should be worrying about is whether you will get enough time to explore at least a quarter of what Wales has to offer!


Participate in sport and outdoor activities which are filled with adventure and thrill. You can decide to go for some surfing sessions on the big beaches and meet interesting people who share your hobby. Other sports activities that you can participate include, rock climbing, swimming competitions or going for a jump on the cliff side. If you are that person who doesn’t love rigorous activities, you can simply go for a relaxing walk or do some fishing on the coast.

Night-long music sessions

If you are a fan of parties and long sessions of music, then Wales is the place to be. Big name towns and cities like Cardiff and Bangor have a lot for you in terms of cool and fascinating music, served with drinks as you dance the long night away.


After a relaxing afternoon in the cottages of Wales, an evening shopping session would do you some good. If you love art or you would love to get some gifts for your family, then Betws-y-Coed is the place to be! If you would like to add some selections to your cloth cabinet, then the Llandudno is specifically made for you with its wide collection of art boutiques.

There are a lot of things to do while in Wales, it is all about your taste and preference, otherwise, Wales is the place to be!

Regardless of what you end up doing on your trip to Wales, you’re definitely going to need the perfect place to stay! Whether you’re looking for great hotels in Cardiff, wild campsites in Snowdonia or cottages in West Wales, there is plenty of options.

Make sure you check out the best resources for planning your trip. Decide where it is you want to stay in Wales and research the best things to do in Wales. It’s a beautiful country with a whole host of outdoor activities, trendy cities and relaxed living. Don’t miss out on your perfect trip to Wales and start planning your unforgettable journey today!