Time for a new kitchen? Find the best design for you

By :- Kate, On March 8, 2016 in ::-House

With a wealth of available kitchen options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start when you are planning an update. Some things can be mended, painted or even simply moved around to give your kitchen the boost it needs. Other things, such as air conditioning for example, need to be installed and looking for the best company to use can be stressful. Searching for companies such as TSS Home Comfort for AC services in Kuna can be a long process, but the result is great for your kitchen revamp. Installing an AC system into your kitchen is just one thing you can add to upgrade your kitchen and improve the function of it, as once you have your air conditioning fitted, your kitchen can become a much cooler and relaxing place to not just cook in, but to socialise in too! Other bigger changes such as a new fridge or oven that could be added to your cooking environment really make a difference when it comes to changing up your space. Not only do they make the space more modern, they add an element of excitement to cooking again which you might have lost in your previous workspace. We’ve summed up the best options according to what you need from a kitchen redesign to make it that bit easier.

Best for… tight budgets

If you are on a smaller budget then start by seeing if you can salvage anything from your existing kitchen. Could you paint existing cabinet doors and replace the handles to provide a fresh look without having to replace them? If this is not an option, consider refurbishment- replacing just the drawer fronts and cupboard doors, and keeping the units behind them as they are. This is a much cheaper and easier option than replacing your whole kitchen.

Best for… a tricky space

If you have an unusually shaped kitchen, or awkward features such as doors and windows that you need to fit around, a bespoke kitchen design is best. Consult a professional to get a design drawn up to your exact specifications and preferred layout. They can often include custom features such as tailor-made cupboards, to help you make the most of the space you have.

Best for… lots of mouths to feed

If you entertain lots of family and friends, you’re probably making a lot of food quite often. A kitchen with little counter space, therefore, is pretty useless to you, so come up with a design that gives you as much surface area as possible to prepare food on. Your counters will also need to be tough and durable, so you might want to take a look at these countertops in Denver made from natural stone that will last a lifetime, no matter how much you throw at it.

Best for… open plan

If you have a connected living space then your kitchen design is even more important. Choose a style that fits in with the décor of the other rooms, to maintain a smooth flow from the kitchen to the living areas. A traditional kitchen might clash with a modern colourful living room, while a minimalist kitchen is not always the right fit for a period property. Consider using similar colours or tones to help tie the spaces together.

Best for… style that will last

If you are looking to invest in a high quality kitchen design that will suit your needs for years to come, opt for simple timeless styles and durable materials. Natural materials such as granite and timber look luxurious and don’t age with time in the same way that laminates can. A kitchen design consultant can advise you on the best choices so that you don’t have to compromise on elegance for the sake of practicality.