Top 10 Things New Parents Need To Buy

By :- Kate, On December 11, 2014 in ::-Children, Products, Tips

If you have a baby on the way, there is about to be an enormous upheaval in your life. We’re not talking about the baby here. Your wallet will never be full again! Babies are so expensive, and every shopping trip you take between now and school age will probably be because your little one needs something. For now, it’s all about the bump, but soon a tiny person will be in your life demanding clothes, food and nappies round the clock.

If you haven’t had one before you are in for a big shock. Before you check out our list of ten essential buys for a baby, get both sets of grandparents on the phone. You are going to need their help!


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  1. Moses basket – Most new moms realise that having a smaller, portable bed for a newborn is hugely beneficial. You can keep him with you wherever you are in the house. Buy one with a frame that rocks, and you can help her gently drift off to sleep.
  2. Cot – After just a couple of months, the baby will be ready for a cot. You may want the cot in your room at first if you are still night feeding. If you can find one with drop down sides, this will be much easier on your back as the baby gets heavier. When baby hits toddlerhood and starts climbing, the cot should be able to convert into a small bed.
  3. Baby blankets – Great for swaddling. They should be soft and gentle for newborn skin and fit the bed size well.
  4. Nappies – As with newborn clothes, have your partner on standby to rush to the store for the correct size. When you know the birthweight, you can pick the right box of nappies to suit. It is a very expensive mistake to choose the wrong ones! Your child may be in nappies until they are three, or done with potty training at eighteen months.
  5. Baby grows – If you are determined to save the environment by only washing once a week, you are likely to need more than one washing machine and more than twenty outfits. If the mess isn’t coming out of one end, it will be out the other. Never leave baby in soiled clothes.
  6. Cotton wool – Only use this and warm water for washing baby for the first couple of weeks at least. Skin is very delicate. Premature babies need longer special skin care.
  7. Baby wash – All-in-one versions are great with a no tears formula. Use once skin is a little more rugged.
  8. Baby towels – Smaller and with a little hood to keep head warm, these dry quicker and are softer than ours.
  9. Pram – Find a good nursery store and invest in a travel system. They may be bigger and heavier, but they will come with all seasons accessories and a car child seat to suit for the first year.
  10. Car seat – If you do not have one with your pram travel system, you must by law have one, and get it professionally fitted to be certain it is safe in your car.