Ways Save Money Whilst Getting Fit

By :- Kate, On July 30, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

Obesity rates continue to rise. It has never been more important to look after yourself. Most people complain that living healthy costs money. This article is here to prove them wrong. You can get fit on a budget and here’s how. Even if you are working with a debt consolidator like Australian Debt Reduction. Where there is a will there is a way.

Do it yourself class

You know better than anyone else what you want to do. Get creative and make your own classes. Boot camps and gym classes can cost an arm and a leg, they can also become quite repetitive. If you are worried about motivation get a couple of friends together. You have a television or computer, that’s all you really need. Create some space and have some fun. You want like-minded friends that are going to motivate you and not joke about the situation. Exercise is fun not funny. If you don’t have space inside then take it outside. Create a circuit. If you want to get some professional help to begin with, go for it! Go to a couple classes until you feel confident in yourself. It’s all about keeping that motivation up.


Save yourself some furl money by changing your daily work transport choice. It’s as easy as switching from taking the bus or driving to walking, running or cycling. If you haven’t got a bike there will be a direct cost to begin with, it’s an investment that keeps on giving. With the proper maintenance it should last you years. Save money on gas and parking. If you live quite a distance from work consider driving part of the way and walk/ running the rest of the way. There are things that you will need to get used to when integrating your workout into your commute. Like packing your work clothes and showering at work. You can leave suit jackets at work to avoid them being scrunched up in your bag. A lot of offices are more accommodating to physical commuters. They are trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle and it doesn’t hurt to have a few more vacant parking spaces available.


Fitness attire has really got tied up with fashion. You do not need to be looking your best to go to a workout. If you are working out correctly when you finish you should be ragged. Fancy workout clothes can cost three times more than what you can purchase at a department store. Do you believe that they are three times better? Do you think they will make you workout three times harder? Or get you fit three times faster? Save your money for clothes that you can wear out and about. Clothes that will show off your new body. Although if you do have that craving for a nice new pair of Nike trainers then there are affordable ways to get these, one way being to use nike coupons to save a large percentage of the costs. Workout in whatever makes you feel comfortable and supported!