What Is The Best Colour For A Family Kitchen?

By :- Kate, On November 5, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

In many houses, the kitchen forms the heart of the home and the hub of family life, so getting its decorative look right can change both the aesthetics of your interior and the mood of your brood.

As the colour that you choose for your walls will have a big impact on the overall look of the room, it requires a good bit of thought and consideration. After all, the shade that you choose can make or break the finished result.

Calming colours

If your family are full of energy, always on the go and occasionally argumentative, choosing a colour that will help to calm lively tempers and relax energetic bodies is a must.

Light, neutral colours are often the most relaxing as they reflect the ambient light and make a room feel larger, so stick to the softer end of the colour palette to let peace reign in your home.

Vivid colours

For families that love colour and vibrant interior design, a bold vivid palette could be ideal.

Colours like red, bright pink and bight blue can all look great when used in the right way. They are quite eye catching, meaning vivid colour choices tend to work best with more neutral fixtures and fittings. If you need to update your units to correspond with this, then why not check out the latest kitchen offers from Betta Living?

Contemporary colours

For families with older children, a contemporary colour palette can give your home the sophistication that you want, while still creating a warm and homely space for your family to relax in. Natural earth tones offer a great contemporary feel matching them with designer fixtures gives your kitchen a high-end, sophisticated look. You could also bring in this contemporary look in every other fabric used around the kitchen including the curtains, tea towels and everything else.

Colours that hide all those dirty fingerprints

It’s no secret that kids make a mess, and with all the food and drink around the kitchen, your walls are particularly susceptible to dirty fingerprints and unglamorous stains.

To give yourself the best chance of keeping your kitchen looking great, try choosing a darker colour that will hide some of the worst marks.

Rich chocolate browns and deep greys are perfect for this and will give your kitchen a great designer feel.

As long as you’re going to be happy with the finished result, your choice of colour doesn’t matter too much. You could even ask your children and partner for their ideas and get creative!