Why It’s Easier to Use a Direct Lender

By :- Kate, On May 19, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

When trying to borrow money there are likely to be a selection of things you will be looking for in your lender. You will want to make sure they are not too expensive, they are trustworthy and speedy. If you go to a direct lender, then you are more likely to be able to get these things, for a number of reasons.


If you go through a third party for anything then it is likely to be dearer. This is because they will take their cut as well. Going directly to the lenders, be it the hard money lenders, mortgage lenders (or any other, for that matter) should therefore work out cheaper for you. This certainly means not using a comparison search engine or broker. Though they may be useful to help you with finding out what options are available, but approaching a lender directly should help keep the costs down with regard to arrangement and administration fees as well as interest rates.


Going straight to a lender that you trust can give you peace of mind. There are many other parties out there who can lend money and there will be lots that you have not heard of. It can be far better to go with a specialist and trusted lender to get better service. Let’s say you are looking for a mortgage loan. In that case, you can consult with one of the trusted wholesale mortgage bankers florida (or wherever you are based) who will likely provide you with a selection of customized loan products that suit your needs. Therefore, it is important to do your research and find the right lender who is experienced and trustworthy.

If you go to a direct lender then things should progress quicker. You will not be dealing through another company or person which will mean that messages will have to be relayed back and forth and things slowed up a lot. If you have questions then dealing directly will mean that you are more likely to get fast and knowledgeable answers to them. If you want a quick decision on the loan then it is best to deal directly and most people will not want to have to hang around for too long.

It is not always easy to tell whether a company selling a loan is a third party or not. However, if you look at their website, especially the company name they trade under and their other contact details, you will be able to find out if they deal direct. You should also be able to find out in their FAQ’s or by contacting them and asking them. It can make a big difference and so it is well worth checking, just to be sure.