Making Your Home Cosy And Inviting By Living Hygge

By :- Kate, On November 23, 2017 in ::-Tips

With the colder months approaching it may be time to spread comfort around our homes. The warm colours, natural materials and calm inducing properties of hygge are being spread further than their native Danish lands and making for great interior design ideas that not only look great, but make us feel relaxed and happier. The trend for hygge in the UK is bigger than ever before, with the popular ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ being the Sunday Times bestseller, we can see how the British are adopting this way of life to enhance our own happiness. Not just about appearances, hygge promotes feeling content and a general cosiness throughout one’s life – attributes that resonate with the British, especially at Christmas.

What is hygge?

Originating from Denmark and Norway, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is an attitude that encompasses a cosy, happy lifestyle and doing things that make us feel better and warmer inside and out. From the activities we do, such as baking and being creative, to the way we decorate our homes, hygge is about being kind to yourself and making yourself happy. For us British the adoption of hygge has become a lifestyle in itself, with many websites ‘translating’ how to use the ideals of hygge in everything we do in Britain, from Halloween festivities to our use of social media.

How to achieve hygge in the house

A hygge inspired house is all about warmth and feeling comfortable. Materials and colours should be natural and soothing, textiles should be soft and inviting. With Denmark having such cold winters there is a focus on heating and warmth, fireplaces and candles, and with the expected weather in Britain this year being cold and snowy we can all appreciate the same focus. Imagine reading a book and relaxing beside a warm fireplace, surrounded by candles and wrapped in a warm blanket enjoying your favourite hot beverage. This is the feeling of hygge and it is mastered through lifestyle and environment.

Benefits of hygge

Research into hygge is becoming more prominent and the benefits are starting to be seen. In the United Nations World Happiness Report Denmark has won an astonishing three times. This may be reflected in the 1,143 Danes who, in 2016, celebrated being over 100 years old. Now hygge is being introduced into workplaces as it is believed to make workers happier, more motivated and result in fewer absences. All the indicators point to hygge making happier and healthier individuals.

Added to the UK dictionary in June 2017, hygge is becoming a way of life for many of us. By embracing the hygge lifestyle and implementing the beliefs into our own lives and homes we can hope to recreate some of the happiness and positivity that the Danes exude. Simple changes such as lighting a few candles and fluffing up some new cushions on the sofa will have a much needed inviting and warming effect on living rooms, necessary during the winter period. And do not forget to indulge in the things that make you happy, a hot chocolate with whipped cream can be just what we need to feel a little more joyful.