Downtime – Five minutes at a ....

By :- Kate, On January 31, 2016 in ::-House
Anyone who’s a mum to young children (and it doesn’t really change that much as they get into their teens) knows that you often have to juggle in order to fit everything into your day. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a mum who goes out to work, there’s rarely a quiet moment. You might often feel like Mrs Large in Jill Murphy’s book ‘Five Minutes' Peace’. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

How we want our homes to look

By :- Kate, On December 24, 2015 in ::-House
With masses of aspirational photos to drool over, the interiors website Houzz has become essential viewing for anyone considering a refurb — or just fantasising — attracting 2m users since it launched a dedicated UK site ( last year. Devotees create personal moodboards, and the most saved photos provide a neat insight into how we want our homes to look (and the clichés to avoid). .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Which is Cheaper: Gas or Electric?

By :- Kate, On November 25, 2015 in ::-House
Choosing whether to use gas or electricity in order to heat your home will have a significant impact on your energy bill costs in the future. Typically, gas is a more expensive choice than electricity, however there are times where it makes more sense to choose gas as it more efficient for certain appliances. We’ve put together a list of different appliances that you may use in your home and whe.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The battle to save you money on ene....

By :- Kate, On November 23, 2015 in ::-House
Saving energy used to be a solitary and soul destroying experience – a hopeful call to the energy company was fruitless as they couldn’t see your puppy dog eyes over the telephone. Now the landscape has completely changed with a wide range of internet based comparison sites – so much so you now have to compare the comparison services! There are also physical moves you can do to reduce your h.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The Benefits of Detox

By :- Kate, On November 18, 2015 in ::-House
The act of detoxification is as popular as it is controversial. The question as to whether chugging the green juice is good for your health has been the subject of many arguments between experts and non-experts alike. There are at least as many recommendations for detoxification as there are warnings against it. While relying solely on the act of juicing as your method of being healthy is ineffect.... {{ Continue Reading }}

3 Tips for Keeping Bees Away From Y....

By :- Kate, On November 15, 2015 in ::-House
Although spring and summer seem like distant memories now, the time when bees are buzzing and birds are singing will be here sooner than you know it. And while you and your family love to enjoy the outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, having a colony of bees around your home can turn your outdoor oasis into a place of anxiety and fear. To help your family feel safe outdoors, here are three tips.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top 10 Unusual Venues to Celebrate ....

By :- Kate, On November 13, 2015 in ::-House
For too long you’ve lived your life blandly, it’s high time you add some flavor to it. One way of doing that is ditching the traditional venues and choosing an unusual one to celebrate your birthday .Pick a venue that allows you to do something you’ve never done. You won’t get the chance to celebrate your birthday each day so when you do get that opportunity, make it count! Whether it is y.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Electrical Safety First

By :- Kate, On October 16, 2015 in ::-House
Whilst it’s sometimes a lot easier to bring in a professional to do the job, some homeowners prefer DIY to get their home improvements done. However, this often means they are taking massive risks that most people aren’t even aware they’re taking. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Bedroom Storage: The Cheat Sheet

By :- Kate, On October 14, 2015 in ::-House
Having an organized home is achievable. Even if you throw in a life partner and a rambunctious child with a knack for messing up every space he gets into, maintaining a clean and orderly home can still be done. All that you need is the right mindset, sufficient time management, and great ideas. Thankfully, you don’t need a team of expensive and impractical clothes storage experts to get the job .... {{ Continue Reading }}