Preparing For A New Baby: The Essen....

By :- Kate, On March 21, 2016 in ::-Parenting, Tips
If you're nearing your due date, the chances are that you've been planning for your new arrival for weeks. Preparing for a new baby is exciting and scary at the same time. It can be difficult to keep track of what you've bought and what you need. There are so many products out there that it can be tough to determine what you need now and what can wait. If you're counting down the days until your n.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Making A Home That Your Kids Can St....

By :- Kate, On March 19, 2016 in ::-Parenting, Tips
There are a number of benefits to having your kids study at home. Firstly, it allows you to keep an eye on them. You know that they are safe, and have all the equipment they need. No coming home from the library will “I didn’t have a pen so I couldn’t do my essay!” excuses. You are also in control of the environment, so can adjust it as they work. This might go for things like lighting lev.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to Prevent Your Child from Fear....

By :- Kate, On March 16, 2016 in ::-Parenting
Few children enjoy going to the dentist. After all, it's an odd environment in which they will be put in a new and vulnerable position. However, everyone should learn to take care of their teeth from as young an age as possible, so ensuring that your child does not learn to fear the dentist is a crucial element in kids dental care. Here's how to prevent a phobia from developing. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

My ex-husband radicalised our child....

By :- Kate, On December 10, 2015 in ::-Parenting
When Fatima Hassan’s daughter vanished one night, she discovered that the bright, happy 15-year-old was being groomed for marriage by her fundamentalist father – and was in danger of being taken to Syria. She talks about her frantic efforts to protect her children. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Using Larimar to Help Promote a Hea....

By :- Kate, On October 28, 2015 in ::-Parenting
Pregnancy is a wonderful event full of the mystery of life, and a time when many women take extra care of themselves both to help ensure a healthy baby and to help ease some of the discomfort that often accompanies this miracle. In addition to the lotions, meditations, supplements, and yoga you may be trying to help promote a healthy pregnancy, be sure to keep some Larimar near as well. (more&he.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The risks you should let your child....

By :- Kate, On October 1, 2015 in ::-Children, Parenting
Today’s parents’ refusal to let children take risks is harming their health and competence. This was the damning conclusion this week of the all-party parliamentary group on a fit and healthy childhood. The report found that our disproportionate fear of danger is consigning our kids to a restrictive, indoor existence that will prevent them from growing into resilient, self-reliant adults. What.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tips for the Uninitiated Parent

By :- Kate, On October 1, 2015 in ::-Parenting, Tips
New parents are always the brunt of the joke. You don’t know what to expect, you probably won’t notice a day go by, and let us know if you need a couple of drinks. New parents have it tough, because having kids, while immensely fulfilling, is definitely a huge lifestyle overhaul. The only way to survive is to adapt: (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Connecting Kids & Grandparents....

By :- Kate, On September 28, 2015 in ::-Parenting, Tech
Nowadays it’s more common to see a child with a smartphone than a book or toy like when we were children, but this new trend can sometimes cause a rift between kids and their elders, especially their grandparents. A recent survey found that most American children have a cell phone before they’re seven years old, while some of today’s seniors may be struggling with all of today’s new fangle.... {{ Continue Reading }}